ARCH | NEXUS SAC , News: Ribbon Cutting Block Party

Now that we have moved in, we invite you to join us at our Ribbon Cutting Event. Afterwards, Arch Nexus, along with our R Street neighbors, will be throwing a Block Party! Please mark your calendars for March 2nd from 9:30-11:30 AM and expect more details soon on what will be a fun event for everyone.

To add this event to your calendar, please visit http://eepurl.com/cAh1NH

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ARCH | NEXUS SAC , News: Arch Nexus Sacramento R Street Office Opens!

After many arduous but very gratifying months of design and construction, the new Arch | Nexus Sacramento R Street office opened for business today! Relocation from the 3rd Street office occurred over the last couple of days of 2016. The renovated building will double the capacity for occupants to help meet the needs for our growing business in the Sacramento and central valley regions. Additionally, this new office incorporates an unprecedented number of sustainable design features, such as a cutting edge composting system, on site agriculture, on site water filtration and treatment, and energy independence by means of highly efficient electrical systems and a solar PV array, just to name a few.


Our objective of designing and building California’s first Living Building has now crossed a major threshold and our focus turns to occupying and working in such a high performance building. Training for the employees has been underway for some time and systems commissioning is now in progress. Once we have registered 12 consecutive months of meeting some very strict performance standards our Living Building journey will be complete.

The new address for the Arch Nexus Sacramento office is:
930 R Street
Sacramento, Ca. 95811

Stay tuned for information regarding a ribbon cutting and gala at which time tours can be arranged. Until then we invite you to visit the Arch | Nexus SAC website at www.archnexus.com/arch-nexus-sac/ which will be updated regularly as we move through the performance period. Lastly, and as always, wish us luck as we pursue Living Building Certification in 2018!

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News: Homeless Resource Center Locations Revealed

Arch Nexus is enthusiastically following the latest Salt Lake City news as the locations for the new homeless resource centers were announced by Mayor Jackie Biskupski last week. The four locations, each scattered throughout the Salt Lake valley, were chosen for their accessibility to transportation, resources, and safety.

Arch Nexus is proud to have supplied the concept drawings for the centers. Construction is expected to commence in 2017. For a look at relevant articles and news, please click the links below:

Salt Lake Tribune


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News: Carbon County Courthouse Groundbreaking

Arch Nexus is celebrating the start of construction on the Carbon County Courthouse, which had its groundbreaking earlier this week. The building is expected to be completed May 2018, where it will house two district courtrooms and one juvenile courtroom. The building will have a variety of features to support safety and convenience for the community.

The groundbreaking was attended by Utah Supreme Court Justice Deno Himonas and officials from the 7th District Court and Carbon County.

To see an article recently published by the Salt Lake Tribune, please click here.

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News: Arch Nexus President Awarded Innovator of the Year

Kenner Kingston has recently been selected for the 2016 Innovator of the Year award from the Utah Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers. Kenner was an early adopter of the United States Green Building Council’s LEED rating system and served as Arch Nexus’ first Director of Sustainability. In addition to being the only Living Future Accredited Professional throughout the Great Basin, Kenner volunteers his time as an Ambassador Presenter for the International Living Future Institute.


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News: Boys and Girls Placerville Clubhouse Opens

Arch Nexus was pleased to attend the Boys and Girls Club Placerville clubhouse opening, which was a success in both attendance and reaction to the wide variety of activities available and rooms throughout the building. According to an article recently published by local paper Mountain Democrat, “The building itself seems to have been designed to inspire the kids with its soaring ceilings, expansive windows and colorful décor, including its green beams… the message it sends is: Come on in, have fun, learn and make friends- because you are valued.”

The new clubhouse replaces an old facility which was outgrown and in need of repairs, and was funded by incredible donations of time, materials, work and money.  It will be used by children and cherished by the community for years to come.

Those interested in volunteer opportunities can visit the official Boys and Girls Club webpage.

For a slideshow of moments from the opening, please click here. 

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News: Kenner Kingston to be a Panelist at Energy Connect 2016

Hunt Electric will be hosting their third annual Energy Connect event on November 17th from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in Salt Lake City. The event will include educational sessions and opportunities to connect with industry professionals who are interested in becoming more energy efficient. Arch Nexus President Kenner Kingston will be part of a panel discussion on the subject of energy efficiency in the design and construction industry.

For more information and to register for the event please click here: http://www.huntelectric.com/hunt-electric-energy-connect-2016


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News: Layton Family Search Center Opens to Public

Arch Nexus is excited about the recent public opening of the Layton Family Search Center, a place where families of all ages and religions are welcome to discover new things about themselves and their family history as well as document their own stories for future generations. Owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the 14,000 square foot Family Search Center is filled with interactive monitors and innovative technology to make family history studies a user-friendly, fun, and educational experience.

ABC4 Utah recently reported on the opening, demonstrating some of the activities and features of the facility. To see that story, please click here.

To learn more about how to research your own family history please visit their webpage.

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News: ABC4 News Reports on the Homeless Crisis

Arch Nexus is proud to be involved in Salt Lake City’s plan to divert the homeless population from the streets to several new shelters which will feature a safer and more effective environment for the homeless to receive emergency housing, case management, and other needed services.

arch nexus, archnexus, homeless, homelessness, salt lake city, resource center,

On, October 27th, ABC4Utah reported that the current situation for Utah’s homeless is grim, with widespread substance abuse and even violence occurring in shelters. While there is concern that the new shelters are going to repeat other, less successful programs, Salt Lake City is being vigilant in efforts to understand and create programs and resource centers where the homeless are given the best chance to get back on their feet.

archnexus, homeless, homelessness, salt lake city, resource center, architecture, salt lake city,

To watch the ABC4Utah report, please click here.

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News: Arch Nexus Hosts Design Competition for New Bat Barn

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources, Arch Nexus is enthusiastically participating in the design and creation of a bat barn on the Great Salt Lake’s Shorelands Preserve area. There are several groups of participants within the firm, each of which will submit their own unique design for selection by a jury-style panel. 

This bat barn will be designed to house thousands of bats, serving as a home for bats currently living in abandoned buildings as well as migratory bats. The design will also include room for and access to monitoring equipment, where several different species of bats will be studied.

While bats may have a less than desirable reputation, they are actually crucial to environmental balance and agriculture, eating hundreds of insects which would otherwise be harmful to our crops. “We’re really excited to have people who know what they’re doing design this bat barn, make it really innovative, make it hospitable for the bats and have a really successful bat barn with lots of different species using it,” Andrea Nelson of Utah Nature Conservancy said. “These bats, especially in the Great Salt Lake’s Shorelands Preserve area, are helping farmers,” Nelson said. “They eat a lot of agricultural pests, and they also eat other pests that bother humans, mosquitoes, those sorts of things.”

The design is expected to be complete by November, with construction completion occurring in March. For recent interviews and news on the topic, please visit:




Fox 13

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