News: Clark Planetarium Grand Re-Opening

After about a year of working on renovations and exhibit updates Arch Nexus was pleased to see the Clark Planetarium Grand Re-Opening this weekend. All three floors of the planetarium are being used for “interactive, inquiry-based learning experiences,” as stated by planetarium officials. Several new exhibits made their debut, while updated finishes and a fresh approach to interactive portions of the Planetarium were well received by the public. Additional new exhibits are expected to open throughout the rest of the year.

The Clark Planetarium harbors an experience where visitors can be educated and inspired about space and science with a series of educational exhibits, the Orbital ATK IMAX Theatre, and the Hansen Dome Theatre.

To learn more about the Re-Opening please check out the ABC4 news story here.

For more information about shows and exhibits at the planetarium please visit the Clark Planetarium official website.