News: Weber County Seeks to Improve Public Safety

Weber County, in partnership with Arch Nexus, has committed to make improvements to public safety by upgrading the Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services in Ogden, Utah. Ogden City is currently in the process of donating the land next to the current facility. With this donation, the Emergency Services Facility will be able to stay at the same location by means of a significant remodel and new building addition rather than a costly relocation.

The current building, which is not designed for emergency services, is too small for the current staff. In some cases employees are in offices shared by up to 3 people. Dispatchers who sit so close to each other receive emergency calls may be picked up by other police officer and firefighter radios. With careful planning, design and construction, Arch Nexus will increase the size, functionality and efficiency of the building as well as an aesthetic environment to better promote the safety and health of the employees within the building as well as the surrounding community.

For a brief article on the building by The Standard Examiner, please see: