News: Kenner Kingston Presents at Getting to Zero

On October 13th Arch Nexus President Kenner Kingston presented at the Getting to Zero National Forum. Hundreds of leading policymakers from throughout the United States gather with design professionals, program managers, building owners, and others to share and discuss Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings. ZNE buildings are designed to consume only as much energy as is produced onsite, making them significant for environmental health and creating a dramatic reduction in a building’s operating costs.

Kenner’s presentation included a unique focus on the role that building occupants play in building’s energy performance. This very important factor is almost universally overlooked by project stakeholders who are seeking to design, build, and operate ZNE buildings. As Kenner noted in his presentation “The more efficient building systems are, the more impact building occupants have on energy performance.”

To learn more about how occupants can improve building’s energy performance please visit http://sustain3.com/