Thought Leadership: Master Facilities Planning for Public Libraries – 20 Year Outlook

Designing a library is more complicated that deciding where bookshelves will go. Public Libraries are a pivotal hub for members of the community, providing space for collaboration, individual academics, a home for a variety of community services and a provider of the very latest in technology. This means the landscape of a library is certain to change over the years. So how do master planners ensure their libraries will still fit a communities needs in 20 years?

This is exactly what Arch Nexus Principal Architect, Jeffrey Davis will address during a session at the California Library Association Conference in Pasadena, CA on Saturday, October 26. Designing Your Future World: How Your Next Master Facilities Planning Process Will Position You to Be an Essential Community Catalyst for the Next 20 Years.

Description: Learn how to use the master facilities planning process to anticipate the future of your community and guarantee that your facilities, staff and partners will flourish for your twenty-year future. Through a flexible framework based on real community needs, you’ll learn how to design strategically for the social, technological, economic and educational disruptions that comprise our 21st century. You’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities for change, prepare to embrace them and activate the facilities to support community needs and individual aspirations by designing a Master Facilities Plan as a nimble, adaptable framework! Learn how an evidence-based, future-forming methodology has the power to ensure that your library is an essential, desirable 3rd place in your community’s future. Presenters will illustrate how they revolutionized the strategic planning and facilities planning library design industry.

For more information on the conference visit https://www.eventscribe.com/2019/CLA/