Publicity: P3 Utah Interview with Kenner Kingston

P3 Utah, an organization that advances the “triple-bottom-line” of People, Planet, and Profit has recently launched a podcast series. In the very first feature of this new series P3 executive director Steve Klass interviewed Arch Nexus president Kenner Kingston and discussed some exciting topics such as living buildings, employee ownership, responsible stewardship, and what people can do to improve our environment.

Kingston stated, “We’ve got a long way to go in terms how we interact with the land, with the natural environment, and being responsible stewards. Stewards of the environment, stewards of our businesses, stewards of place. Place matters.”

Please visit P3 Utah at https://www.p3utah.org/latest-news/p3-people-podcast-with-kenner-kingston-of-archectural-nexus/ to listen to the interview.