Community Projects:

Layton Family History Center

As this existing building passes into its 30th year having seen several tenants and multiple owners, a modern makeover extends its useful life many years into the future appealing to contemporary tastes while maintaining a link to its history. This link is indicative of the buildings function, a family history center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The owner’s challenge was to create a project that would appeal to younger generations and help create buzz for the activities happening within. The building entrances, through the tool of architectural procession, become a symbolic bridge between today’s youth and previous generations. The Family History Center utilizes over 90% of the existing structure with minor interventions that push the buildings reach into the future. The 3 main entries to the building were redesigned to provide branding to the building in their form and use of graphics as well as make them easily identifiable and welcoming. Moving into the interior, partition walls were removed to create a large open floor plan that is easily understood. The use of bold color, printed wall graphics, and varieties of furniture allow the building itself to be an icon of the Family Search brand.