Fostering Collaboration

We value specialization at Arch Nexus. It brings a diversity to our practice that strengthens our work by fostering collaboration; we have found that many points-of-view generate strong results. Well known for our expertise in medical planning, we have a host of additional integrated design specialities in order to help ensure that our solutions are holistic, thoughtfully conceived, and well executed.


  • Architectural Interiors
  • Space Planning
  • Furnishings Design & Specification
  • Furniture Procurement
  • Finishes Specification

Landscape Arch & Land Planning

  • Site Analysis
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Planting and Irrigation Design
  • Open Space Programming and Design
  • Playground Programming and Design
  • Campus and Community Master Planning

Medical Planning

  • Facility Inventories
  • Market Analysis
  • Functional Programming
  • Operational Modeling
  • Process Flow Analysis


  • 3D Rendering
  • Animation
  • 3D Printing
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Graphic Design

Energy and Operations

  • Energy Modeling
  • Daylighting Simulation
  • Renewable Energy Design
  • Energy Star Certification
  • ASHRAE Audits
  • Occupant Surveys
  • Operational Policies
  • Plug Load Programs
  • Waste Stream Audits


SEED - Public Outreach

SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design)

  • Public Outreach Process Design
  • Public Outreach Process Management
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Interactive Multi-cultural Tools
  • Design Integration
  • Public Engagement & Ownership
  • SEED submission
  • SEED Measurement and Verification