News: International Living Future Institute Unveils New Building Energy Declaration Program “REVEAL”

On April 2nd the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), administrators of the most rigorous building performance standard, the Living Building Challenge, announced plans to launch a new initiative to showcase the world’s most energy efficient buildings. The REVEAL program is intended for any existing building that meets certain energy criteria whether it’s a certified Living Building, a net zero building, LEED building, Passivehouse project, or any project with accurate measured energy data.

Following in the path of other ILFI programs like DECLARE and JUST, REVEAL harnesses the power of transparency for positive environmental change. By tapping into performance based reporting from measured energy use, REVEAL will provide a new platform for projects to showcase how efficient they are relative to other buildings. Buildings that receive the REVEAL label are date stamped and must be renewed on  a two-year basis. Essentially, the labels become a ‘nutrition’ label for building energy performance.

As part of the program the ILFI will be publishing Energy Use Intensity (EUI) performance charts by building type to create a benchmarking baseline. This effort will also give buildings that are highly energy efficient an opportunity to be showcased and see how their project stacks up to other exemplary projects.