Harnessing the power of people


The habits of people in they way they live, work, and play represent the largest untapped resource for energy and water efficiency in the world today. InHabit is an online occupant engagement platform that transforms passive building occupants into active inhabitants.

How it Works

It’s Fun!

By “gamifying” activities, building occupants track their progress through a series of “learn and earn” events followed up by real world actions, taking the game into their lives.

Learning by doing

These weekly activities develop a higher understanding and appreciation among occupants for how their actions impact building performance.

Team up

Occupants can be organized into teams as well as individual competitions with corresponding reward systems.

Its Rewarding

Program administrators foster participation through rewards for both individual and team performance.

real change

Through participation in the InHabit platform, occupants develop new habits that are more energy and water conscious resulting in reduced less waste and lower utility bills.

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