In The Spirit Of Giving

Arch Nexus is committed to the communities in which we work and actively supports the causes that best reflect our purpose. Our passion for community stewardship is a key aspect of our company culture. Because we see verbs where others see nouns, our Philanthropy Program is not just about financial support, it’s about DOING.

Community volunteering is an investment in a community and its peoples. Volunteering provides valuable community services and strengthens a community in many ways such as supporting families, improving schools, supporting youth, and beautifying the community. Community volunteering is an important measure of the civic health of a community, a state, and a nation.

    – ILFI JUST Manual

What We Do

We seek to better the lives of those in our community through building. The action arm of our philanthropy program is Nexus Builds. We provide everyone in our company the opportunity to further their understanding of building design and construction, thereby creating a continuing education platform that nurtures the most important aspect of what we do.

Nexus Builds is currently constructing tiny homes of our own design. We then donate the tiny home as a tool to help solve the social issues plaguing society.  Our program further seeks to advance a regenerative built environment each tiny home seeks Living Building certification.

Whether in the projects we build, design, or in the causes we support our purpose is to help elevate society through our influence on the built and natural environment.

Volunteer Program

We give much more than money – we also give our time. Arch Nexus offers each employee up to sixteen hours of paid time off work annually to participate in Nexus Builds or other volunteer activities. Up to eight of those hours are utilized in the form of a coordinated, office-wide event. Most importantly, our employee-owners select the options that will best serve to regenerate communities and the people within them.