Contrary to popular wisdom, the proper first response to a changing world is not to ask, “how should we change?” But rather to ask “what do we stand for and why do we exist?”

– James Collins


Kelly Holland Becomes Certified Passive House Consultant at Architectural Nexus

Architectural Nexus is proud to announce that Kelly Holland has become our first Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC). The PHIUS+ certification process is a quantifiable building performan... Read More >

Salt Lake Tribune Shares Comprehensive Look into Utah’s Greenest Regenerative Design

If you picked up the Labor Day issue of the Salt Lake Tribune, you may have found a comprehensive look into Utah’s greenest regenerative design. Arch Nexus SLC is the first commercial buildin... Read More >

Arch Nexus SLC Net Positive Journey Begins

Commissioning on the Arch Nexus SLC Living Building Challenge pursuant project is complete and the first month of energy data shows the the project is off to a very good start. The predictions... Read More >

Arch Nexus Cheryl McMurtry Lauded by SMPS Sacramento

Architectural Nexus congratulates Cheryl McMurtry for her recent recognition by SMPS Sacramento. The goal of the committee is to connect the A/E/C industry to what is happening in their relevan... Read More >