Contrary to popular wisdom, the proper first response to a changing world is not to ask, “how should we change?” But rather to ask “what do we stand for and why do we exist?”

– James Collins

Thought Leadership:

Social Equity

At Arch Nexus we are committed to being the change we want to see in the world. Since 2016 we have adopted the JUST label<... Read More >


K-12 Architect Wanted at Arch Nexus

About Us:

Architectural Nexus is a people driven, architectural design firm focused on stewardship, inspiration, and regeneration. We have offices in two locations: Salt... Read More >

Thought Leadership:

Design Build Bluff

In the four corners region, a panorama of iconic mountain silhouettes set the backdrop of Bluff, Utah. The native community has been the location of an academic design build program through The... Read More >


Arch Nexus Named Among Top U.S. Church Architects

GC Magazine has published a list naming Arch Nexus among the top church Architects in the nation. From the website Read More >