An Integrated Process

Conventional design and building processes often fail to recognize that buildings are part of larger, complex systems. As a result, solving for one problem may create other problems elsewhere in the system. In contrast, an integrated process is highly collaborative. This approach requires the whole project team to think of the entire building and all of its systems together, emphasizing connections and improving communication among professionals and stakeholders throughout the life of a project. It breaks down disciplinary boundaries and rejects linear planning and design processes that can lead to inefficient solutions. Arch Nexus is proud to have worked with such a talented and hard working team of professionals on this amazing project.


Architectural Nexus is a multi-disciplinary, people-driven design firm practicing throughout the western United States. This focus on people, rather than buildings is manifest through projects that not only work well, but also inspires those who are in and around them to be more active stewards and to regenerate our world.

2020 ENGINEERING (2020) is an engineering consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of civil engineering strategies that utilize the best of today’s conventional engineering practices along with new, emerging and alternative technologies. Since 1995, 2020 has demonstrated the use of many types of sustainable and low impact development (LID) methods on over 200 projects at residential, commercial, municipal, medical and educational levels.

With a mission to deliver “green buildings that work,” Glumac specializes in the cost-effective, sustainable design of commercial, institutional, advanced technology, and healthcare facilities worldwide. Supporting clients from design through construction and operation, our services include energy analytics, CFD/BIM modeling and building commissioning as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering, lighting design and technology integration. From our nine offices in the Western United States and our tenth office in Shanghai, we provide comprehensive, coordinated sustainable building engineering services to efficiently serve our clients and secure the best outcomes for their projects.


Warren Consulting Engineers has been in business for over 27 years and has been involved with thousands of projects, from high school campuses and 100 acre business parks to portable classrooms. When given the opportunity to work with Architectural Nexus on their new Sacramento office we were thrilled and honored to be asked knowing how committed they were to deliver a state of the art facility. Throughout our company history we have constantly strived to stay at the cutting edge of design and construction techniques while always giving our all to support the needs of our clients and end users.


Miyamoto International is a global earthquake, structural engineering and project management company providing critical services that safeguard communities around the world. Based in California, we have 18 offices in 15 countries providing solutions, structural engineering and disaster response and mitigation strategies worldwide.


Capital has provided engineering consulting and design services since 1947, developing into one of the leading mechanical engineering firms in the western United States. With the evolution of high performance and sustainable building projects, Captial recognized the need for whole building commissioning and started offering this service independent of traditional engineering design since 2002 on projects ranging from complex central utility plants, hospitals, government buildings, high and low-rise office buildings to schools and university facilities.

Based in San Francisco, Habitat Horticulture designs, installs and carefully maintains distinctive living walls. Our firm combines unparalleled expertise in horticulture, botany, design and construction, and we’re driven by the belief that plant life is integral to well-being, especially in urban settings. From inception to completion, we engage in a constant dialogue with clients to craft truly unique living walls that define and enrich the spaces they inhabit.

Hunt Electric Renew

A promise is a promise. The Hunt Electric, Inc. promise is to set the standards of performance in the electrical construction industry by delivering innovation, unparalleled service and value to our customers. We have experts that work as a team with contractors and owners on commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects throughout the Intermountain West.

Sacramento construction sign M1B Logo

MarketOne Builders is a commercial contractor building sustainable work environments that reflect each client’s unique vision and mission.

For us, sustainable building goes beyond being environmentally sensitive – it also means creating lasting projects that are have an efficient footprint, are integrated with their surroundings, and bring the highest possible value and respect for resources to every project.

We specialize in demanding, integrated and complex projects from life science, healthcare and mission-critical facilities, to landmark urban infill and seismic renovations, to award-winning commercial office environments.

We are where traditional integrity meets customized, sustainable delivery.