Connection to Place

Large windows connect the home owner to the beautiful and natural views of the Wasatch Mountains and natural beauty of Pleasant Grove, UT. Building materials were selected specifically to include natural materials like the warm cedar siding that provide indirect experiences of nature.

Net Positive Energy

Through the use of a salvaged rooftop photovoltaic array and a building envelope designed to Passive House Standards, the home produces more energy than it consumes on a net annual basis.

Net Positive Water

The home includes a freeze-protected interior cistern for rainwater harvesting that is used for toilet flushing; low-flow fixtures; and uses “Hand Printing” to offset all of its water impacts.

Creating Equity

The Loft space in this home adds a separation of the public and private spaces creating a sense of privacy without cutting off access to nature and views. The large windows afford the occupant incredible views to avoid placelessness and promoting an indirect experience of nature for a healing environment.

Healthy Materials

The project was designed and built with the healthiest and highest quality of materials, creating a healing space for the home owner, giving them a place for recovery and pride.