An Integrated Process

Conventional design and building processes often fail to recognize that buildings are part of larger, complex systems. As a result, solving for one problem may create other problems elsewhere in the system. In contrast, an integrated process is highly collaborative. This approach requires the whole project team to think of the entire building and all of its systems and surroundings together, emphasizing connections and improving communication among professionals and stakeholders throughout the life of a project. It breaks down disciplinary boundaries and rejects linear planning and design processes that can lead to inefficient solutions. Arch Nexus is proud to have worked with such a talented and hard working team of professionals on this amazing project.


Architectural Nexus is a multi-disciplinary, people-driven design firm practicing throughout the western United States. This focus on people, rather than buildings is manifest through projects that not only work well, but also inspires those who are in and around them to be more active stewards and to regenerate our world.


Sarah Jack Hinners, Ecological Consulting, LLC