Arch Nexus SAC

Our Sacramento Office, dubbed Arch Nexus SAC, expresses our company core values of inspiration, stewardship, and regeneration. This section of the website focuses on different features that incorporate these values. The achievements of Arch Nexus SAC are the result of serious commitment, however, the variety of methods and systems employed to achieve these goals are available to anyone. Our hope is for Arch Nexus SAC to serve as an inspiration for others to employ similar methods and create places that enhance the community and respect nature.

Building Re-Use

One of the most sustainable features that any building can have is to not build a new building at all, but rather to re-use an existing one. Arch Nexus SAC is a renovation of an existing warehouse/office. By doing this, we saved massive amounts of waste going to a landfill. Additionally, all of the building material that was not re-used on site was collected and recycled.

Living Building, AN SAC, Arch Nexus, Sacramento, LBC, water infographic

Water Harvesting and Treatment

The recurrent water crisis in California has punctuated a growing need for buildings that make more efficient use of water. In addition to reduced water use by means of waterless urinals, composting toilets, and low flow fixtures, Arch Nexus SAC harvests and stores rainwater on site. Furthermore all water is treated on site. The connection to the sewer has never been used.

Living Building, AN SAC, Arch Nexus, Sacramento, LBC, energy infographic

Energy Efficient Systems

Arch Nexus SAC has an Energy Use Intensity (EUI) 26, less than half of a typical office building. This is achieved through a highly efficient LED lighting system, thin client computer workstations, an air-cooled Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system, operable windows for natural ventilation, as well as an optimized building envelope.

Photovoltaic Solar Array

A reduced energy footprint makes it possible to generate all of the building’s electrical energy on site. Solar Panels installed on the roof and on an the connected parking canopy produce 70% more energy than what is consumed by Arch Nexus SAC. The surplus energy is put on to the electrical grid providing energy for other buildings in Sacramento.

Living Building, AN SAC, Arch Nexus, Sacramento, LBC


Exposure to sunlight has many benefits for people working in offices such as improved worker productivity and improved worker happiness. Additionally, sunlight is a free form of light for interior spaces. Arch Nexus SAC incorporates special daylight harvesting devices to illuminate the interior. These devices convert the intense direct sunlight into soft indirect daylight which is perfect for beautiful, healthy interior environments.

No Harmful Chemicals

The International Living Future Institute publishes a list of dangerous substances known as the “Red List”. All materials included in Arch Nexus SAC have been thoroughly vetted to be Red List free. Furthermore, we worked closely with manufacturers to encourage changes in the material make-up of their products. We applaud those manufacturers who made changes to improve the health of both people and the environment.