Design Is

Design is idealistic and practical. It is the sandbox in which unabashed creativity and staunch functionality come together, beat each other down, and ultimately lift one another higher than they could stand individually. A mixture of art, psychology and engineering, brought together by thoughtful interaction purposeful decision-making and the recognition of creative opportunity. Design is never predetermined nor is it accidental.

We are, by design, creating the world in which we live.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

– Pablo Picasso


We should never accept that we already know how to solve a particular problem. It is always unique from the last. It brings with it its own set of rules and the best solutions are not necessarily the ones that are most obvious. We break down a problem to its most basic principles. We believe it is not about finding the right solution at this point as much as it is making sure we are asking the right questions and understanding what the real problem is. The obvious energy of a problem is almost never as dynamic as it’s undiscovered potential.


Breaking down a problem to its most basic and elemental roots is essential. By doing so, problems become more manageable and hyper-focused, exploring what opportunities exist that we would not otherwise have seen. We can then ask, what are we missing that we haven’t thought about. As we rearrange problems to view them in different ways, we then reveal opportunities to engage each other in new and dynamic ways.


Every design problems comes with a unique set of constraints, conditions and possibilities. They can be thought of as a hindrance to the solution or as a catalyst for creative thought and action. We have a unique opportunity to shape as well as be shaped by our surroundings. Discovery results in a value based High Concept that then drives the decision-making throughout the design process. Design decisions are measured back against that key idea.


Architecture then is the ability to give form to an idea. It is shaping of an intangible principle into a tactile expression. We create space that has the ability to enhance the human experience. It is working with our natural environment to influence how people interact and engage one another. We believe we have an opportunity to influence people’s lives for the better. We have the chance to be a part of creating something that will encourage the occupant to then be their best selves in their own respective environments.


It is what inspires us. It is our passion.