Contrary to popular wisdom, the proper first response to a changing world is not to ask, “how should we change?” But rather to ask “what do we stand for and why do we exist?”

– James Collins


St. Luke’s Hospital Breaks Ground on New Expansion

In the early 1900s, downtown Boise looked like a scene from a John Wayne movie, with a mix of wooden and brick buildings blending old frontier charm with new urban developments. In 1902, St. Lu... Read More >

Architectural Nexus Salt Lake City is Petal Certified!

In the high desert where water is a precious resource and air quality can be problematic, Architectural Nexus in Salt Lake City adapted its office building to respect the arid climate better. A... Read More >

Utah Construction and Design, A Quarter Century of LEED

The Daybreak Library, Architectural Nexus SLC office, and The Huntsman Cancer Institute phase IV are featured in the latest issue of Utah Construction and Design Magazine, celebrating the histo... Read More >

Hill Aerospace Museum Debuts Newest Gallery

Against a vibrant blue sky, military aircraft set the backdrop for the ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the culmination of years of planning for the L.S. Skaggs Gallery at... Read More >