Thought Leadership: Arch Nexus at ILFI unConference 2019

The annual International Living Future unConference is nearly upon us and several from Arch Nexus will be presenting at the 2019 event. The Friday morning session features Arch Nexus Director of Sustainability, Patty Karapinar and Arch Nexus Site Design Leader, Jennifer Styduhar. Together they will present Abundance through Collaboration: Fostering Community-Based Food Access. Participants in this session will gain perspective from Karapinar and Styduhars’ real-world examples of private-public collaborations utilizing community-driven local food production and Urban Agriculture Imperative scale jumping with a school district. This process increased equity, environmental outcomes, youth education and job skills.

Catch Erica McBride and Peter McBride in the Friday afternoon session, Truth or Dare? Let’s Get Honest About Achieving Healthy Indoor Air Quality. Erica McBride is the Building Manager at Arch Nexus SAC. Maintaining a Living Building requires specialized and specific knowledge, passion, patience, and often long hours; demonstrating these day-to-day, Erica advocates for sustainable changes for buildings and how they operate and are maintained.  Arch Nexus Associate, Peter McBride is passionate about design and was the Arch Nexus SAC Building Manager during the challenging process of becoming California’s first Living Building. Together Erica and Peter will contribute their knowledge and experience to this “Best Practices” session, taking a strong lessons-learned approach that looks at the final success of achieving indoor air quality results within LBC’s thresholds through a series of failures and discoveries.