Publicity: Nexus Builds in the News

The concept of eradicating homelessness while simultaneously providing hands-on architectural training at Arch Nexus, has caught the attention of reporters and Nexus Builds is making headlines. Solving Homelessness through community, connection and tiny homes: A story of Seattle and Salt Lake explores the history and goals of the Block Project and describes the process by which Nexus Builds is helping. Also noted, is the fact that Salt Lake City zoning laws recently changed to allow accessory dwelling units, such as a tiny home.

As quoted by KSL The reality is each person is “a couple of missing paychecks or a broken relationship away” from experiencing homelessness, according to Brian Cassil, principal and director of communications at Architectural Nexus. And since “homelessness is a community problem,” he said, it’s a cause worth investing in.