Current Projects:

Nephi Readiness Center

After being absent from the Nephi area for several decades, the Utah National Guard will return with the development of their new Nephi Readiness Center. It will be the new home to three UNG Units, including the 1457 Delta Company. At 58,000 SF, it is anticipated that approximately 2000 personnel, supported by an estimated 100 vehicles, trailers and specialty equipment, will use this facility for both classroom and tactical training. Unlike other readiness centers, this facility will be a stand-alone facility located on 30 acres of ground adjacent to the Nephi Municipal Airport, approximately 1 mile northwest of downtown Nephi. Because of the location of the site, basic utilities and services are limited. This has created the opportunity to explore creative alternatives for energy generation and the need for key utility connections. The Nephi Readiness Center is envisioned to be a true “stand-alone” facility for the community, able to operate in severe crisis mode.